Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Day 4 - Ride begins John O groats to Betty Hill (80km)

Our first serious ride. We are realising that riding with three months of gear is a lot slower than normal. 52 'miles' took 9 hours o.O  We did have to take up an offer for tea and biscuits at a local town hall. We visited Castle Mey, and stopped for lots of rests, photos, sightseeing and a beer at the pub in the middle of the day. Mild sunburn and 5 decent hills provided a solid first day. Tons of friendly cyclists and very considerate motorists so far.

The official start point for the John'O Groats to Lands end challenge.

Castle Mey

Anne-Marie appreciating some pretty Scottish stonework

Making lunch of a two pound sammy from Tesco among the daisies.

One of the easier hills.