Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Day 40 (10/7) - BBQ in the Bordeaux

We drove only 30 kms away and parked the van in the town of Saint-Meard-de-Gurcon. We climbed the bike and cycled the rolling hills hoping to find some vineyards to visit, lots of vines but no wine consumed, sad. We did find a restaurant though and enjoyed the strangest meal so far, noodle soup with a hint of tomato flavour, a salad of beetroot marinated in garlic, rice with tuna and egg, omelettes (just egg) and a sloppy chocolate dessert, the wine was of course the best bit. All very simple fair but for 12 euro a bargain. Our next stage of the TDF to watch is in Lyon so we got moving and drove a couple of hours east. We parked outside a swimming pool for the night, keen to cool down from the 32C day we decided to enjoy the amenities. There was a water slide inside, watching the kids enjoying it Reuben and Matt were keen to test it out. The next thing all the other adults were following their lead, it was a funny sight to see. Matt had purchased a disposable "BBQ" (coals in a tray) that he was keen to try so after our "swim", we had BBQ sausages in baguettes and frozen supermarket escargot, French style.

Reuben rolls through the dappled sunlight on a pretty French road.

Anne-Marie rolls through the vines searching in vain for a taste.

A pretty little church in the middle of a round-about in a pretty little town.
There's lots of this kind of thing but we don't put in many pics of it because other peoples pictures are boring!

Matt and Flic cook us gourmet sausages and escargot on the disposable BBQ

MMMMMM Snnnnaaaaiiiillllllllls.