Friday, 5 July 2013

Day 35 (5/7) - Proceed to the pretty, picturesque, Pyrenees.

We left the french sea side town and headed for the Pyrenees, some of the most picturesque mountains we will ever see. We enjoyed lunch at picnic tables on an island in the middle of a rushing mountain stream, visited a fromagerie enjoying some yummy goats milk cheese where  Reuben bonded with a baby goat. Not sure if all these pastries, cheese and wine is making me a better cyclist, but a few million french cannot be wrong, can they? We arrived at the town of Ax-les-Thermes, the base of tomorrows stage finish, explored the town and enjoyed a few bottles of french wine in preparation for the boys early morning accent of the Ax 3 Domaine.

Actually an island in a rushing Pyraneean river in the middle of a cute little mountain town.

Reuben's little friend.

A bonding moment.

The french like to build stuff on the highest points available.
It's impossible to properly capture the grandeur while hammering past on the twisty mountain passes.

Our view of the other van as we wind our way through the Pyrenees.