Thursday, 18 July 2013

Day 48 (18/7) - Spectator bonanza

We walked up to Alpe d'Huez corner two with chairs and a picnic of baguettes, cheese and wine ready to watch stage 18. It was probably the best stage to watch because the atmosphere was incredible and the riders all crawl past on the 11% incline twice. Quite the spectacle. We all got into the mood dressing up and joining in on the frivolities. Pictures may speak louder than words on this one.
Matt, Flic and Reuben ready for the walk up the hill, Lachie and Erica saving us a spot

The climb hasn't started yet

Matt and Reuben stop for a quick photo with Didi, one of the iconic TDF characters

A thirsty frenchman helps us with our goonsack.

Reuben gets in the mood with some TDF kit

These morph suited character are in the TDF leading jersey colours (except the pink one, I think he got lost on the Giro)

Anticipation, the road is packed awaiting the first rider to appear down the hill

Team Sky leads the chase, It's hard to be excited when they have it in the bag

You can get really close to the riders on the hill stages, much more fun than the flat ones.