Saturday, 3 August 2013

Day 64 (3/8) - Nature One (Festival 4)

We had a lovely sleep in and a tasty breakfast at our German guest house, trying our best to keep things neat and in order as not to upset the funny German chef. We took the day easy as not to tire ourselves out for our 9pm music festival. Just a 40km ride from Sankt Goar to Koblenz. 

The festival, Nature One, was held in an old military bunker in the middle of what seemed like nowhere. The bus took an hour to drive us there from Koblenz and then it was a 45 min walk to the entrance but it was all worth it. 

The Germans certainly know how to party hard, lots and lots of atmosphere and energy. The sound was the loudest we had ever heard it.18 stages, about a third in concrete bunkers, the others spread around the site, some on top of hills, it was a maze full of military hardware. We had to be careful not to fall over or down one of the hills in the dark (we opted for low alcohol consumption to stay on the safe, alert side).The bunkers were about 5m across and about 40m deep, solid concrete walls, so so so very loud. The main stage set was so impressive. We had both never danced so hard, about 3am we were exhausted but pushed on until 5:30am when the first shuttle was heading back. Hard to believe people stayed until after 9am when the last DJs stopped playing.

About to depart at a healthy 9am

Anne-Marie showing off an enormous cuckoo clock (and bear by the original teddy bear makers).

Reuben is too busy taking pictures of castles and rides straight into a flower bed (who puts a random garden in the bike path anyway? I ask you (and then fills it with sharp volcanic gravel just for good measure)), bike lands on his head. Anne-Marie the ever dutiful and loving wife immediately whips out the camera to take plenty of photos prior to helping the poor injured husband with his numerous injuries. (seriously the 40kg bike landed on my head (remember all that wine we bought yesterday?)).

In the background is the wonderful castle I was taking pictures of (here washing my cuts out).

Nature one tickets YEAH (Dreamworks grin)
Dreamworks grin for reference LOL

Stepping between bunkers

Anne-Marie dancing with the light men

Reuben gets down in the black light

All smileys

Can you say Hardcore? Bam Bam BAM. Seroiusly back to '92 here I come!

A short highlight clip from the main stage at N1.

6am at the entrance, a night is called.