Monday, 1 July 2013

Day 31 (1/7) - Getting the band together

We arrived in Nice, found a bike shop to tighten up Reuben's rear hub and caught up with our camper van buddies, newly wed's Matt and Flic and soon to be, Lachie and Erica who have there own camper van and together the six of us will be following the Tour de France for the next 3 weeks. We navigated the twisty one way streets of Nice, only breaking one cars side mirror in the process and found a caravan park on the edge of the city. We were keen to get on our bikes so while the others were jet lagged after their 30 hour flights went to sleep early we took advantage of the 9:30pm sunset and went for a ride. We got lost a few times but managed to visit a Carrefour, a super huge french supermarket that has almost everything, Reuben was very impressed to see some female staff on roller blades.

Matt & Co's camper van we will be following in the whale.