Saturday, 20 July 2013

Day 50 (20/7) - Farewells and convene in Geneva

Today was a sad day, our last day with the guys and our last tour stage. Reuben and the boys were up early to climb Mont Revard (a jaunty little 15.9 km at 5.6%).  We watched the second last stage of the tour eating BBQ with a bottle of Chignin white (a local wine) in the 35 degree sun. After the caravan we where interviewed by a local French paper (probably because of Reuben's ridiculous sunglasses). After the tour screamed past Reuben claimed his best Tour souvenir yet, a large watch for speed hump TDF sign. Heartfelt farewells and many hugs as we parted ways with our intrepid camper-van companions. Special mention to Matt Scott who's organisational skills and occasional leadership made the following and riding the TDF a lifetime highlight.  Anne-Marie and I arrived in Geneva and immediately realised a difference in style, we find a restaurant first, and worry about where to stay later. A quintessential Swiss restaurant served us onion soup (mostly melted cheese), a cheese Fondue, and a Raclette (melted cheese, 3 serves with 3 little boiled potatoes). Needless to say, cheesed out.

A panorama from the top of Mont Revard, France laid out like a map

All lined up ready for the tour to roll through

Reuben with his last TDF souvenir

Cheese Fondue and Rachlette 

Geneva by night is pretty

And lively