Sunday, 28 July 2013

Day 58 (28/7) - Tomorrowland Day 3 (Festival 3)

Forgot the camera today, just a few shots from the nearly flat GoPro. We made it to the festival feeling like we had already partied two days straight, go figure. We dragged ourselves to a dessert tasting by world renown Chef Roger Van Damme, Roger introduced the dessert personally to each table. Set to music and looking like DJ decks the molecular gastronomy delight was a complete sensory overload.

Back to the music where the huge selection of world class DJs and producers on at any one of the 16 stages at any time was once again overwhelming. We gravitated back to the main stage where the enormous music and crowd was matched by the scope of the sets and theater. Fireworks, smoke, streamers and confetti galore. Words cannot do the performance justice. Just to say, watching Steve Aoki bring the crowd to a rapturous culmination of the whole three day extravaganza was a highlight of the holiday.

A collection of highlights from over 45 minutes of crap GoPro video footage taken today.

Chaos and Cannons at the main stage.

Smile you're on Fish eye view.

Selfie's are difficult with a GoPro

Hard to see but a good example of international conflict.


Starting to get a little messy here.

It's almost over. Smile.