Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Day 32 (2/7) - Tour Team Time Trial (TTTT) in Nice

We caught the train into Nice to watch our first Tour de France stage (stage 4), the team time trial. We enjoyed croissants, coffee and a french lesson from the waiter for morning tea and baguettes for lunch. It was exciting to see a race start, all the team mechanics preparing the bikes, the team vans and all the paraphernalia. We had our first glimpse of the "caravan", the brigade of sponsors vans that drive along the tour route about an hour or two before the cyclists come through, throwing out hats, lollies, chips, magnets, key-rings and head-socks just to name a few. It was fun to watch Reuben and Matt as they jumped around trying to be the ones to collect the most, tackling the occasional child and grandma in the process. It was a hot sunny day but enjoyable to watch the Aussie team, Orica-Greenedge win the race and push Simon Gerrans into the yellow jersey position. We were happy to see how many Aussie bogans had made the trip.

Cadels TTT bike, if a bike can be sexy....

Flic and Anne-Marie saying hi to the french fireman while they enjoyed a tasty icecream (the firemen not the girls).

Anne-Marie (not) watching the race (but holding my beer much to the policeman's merriment :-)
Reuben looking ridiculous with a silver hat to reflect the 35 degree sun.