Thursday, 8 August 2013

Day 69 (8/8) - More clothes washing and flat cycling

With all our clothes either wet or dirty we couldn't head off early for an all day ride, so Instead we opted for a sleep in and then a quick train ride to Utercht where we knew for sure we could wash some clothes*. We stopped at a laundromat and to pass the time decided to ease the load on our bikes by drinking one of our bottles of wine. Of course you can't open a bottle in a laundromat without offering to the other unfortunates without a washing machine at their disposal, plastic cups or no. 

End result: 2 bottles were consumed as we got to know James from Slovakia, his gay friend and Peter from the Netherlands. Peter gave us tips on where to go and what to eat. So following his advice we changed our direct route and headed off to Amsterdam following a very beautiful old canal, one of the most picturesque places we have seen so far; house and river boats, beautiful buildings, bridges and canals and despite the allegations no prostitutes to be found. 

We were a little confused at one point and a fellow cyclist, Thomas, offered to guide us 5km down the river as he was headed that way (green jumper in the video). He had just cycled the Danube and was so happy to meet someone touring in his own country and having an opportunity to swap stories. 

Stopping for an early dinner at a cozy looking restaurant we quickly discovered one of Holland's specialties, pancakes, glorious, savory, sweet, amazing, yummy, pancakes. Despite Anne-Marie's over pancaked stomach threatening to pull us up early we arrived in Amsterdam as the sun set. a healthy 60km under our expanded belts.

*Quick side note. Finding a laundromat on the web is hard. In every country we have managed the written word fine, through Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium we have muddled through with lots of apologies, Google translate, familiarity with foreign restaurant menus and common sense. Holland is a different story, these people use too many scrabble high score letters in their everyday language, it's almost Welsh in complexity. Lost we are. And the locals all just laugh, though Reuben did get a complement today on my pronunciation of Stroopwafle from a street vendor, YAY.

Holland does good icecream.

Oh yes they do.

A large canal, it carries half size container ships.

Apparantly the average Dutch person lives in style.
Like complete tasteful old school style.

A typical street view in Utercht.

Our cycle route's biggest hill in our trek from one side of the Netherlands to the other.

The sun sets as we roll in to our most interesting hotel in Amsterdam.
Just a little sped up recap of our roll through Holland. Sorry about the sound, will fix.