Monday, 22 July 2013

Day 52 (22/7) - Good riddance to the whale

Cleaned and abandoned the whale with much celebration, someone else can navigate it's enormous wallowing fat arse through Europe's tiny back streets for a change. Back on the bikes! After some serious bush bashing on the Swiss side of the river we located cycle route R2 (to be our close companion for the next two days). Criss-crossing the Rhine on our meandering way up river we soaked up the scenery and mid summer heat (Reuben is the loveliest shade of brown right now). The German side punctuated by frequent swimming pools, weird little private gardens with no house and by dedicated cycle ways right on the river. The Swiss side by very quiet undulating country roads and fields of vegetables everywhere. Eventually we pulled up in Waldshut, Germany and ate Greek food as a thunderstorm rolled in catching everyone unawares.

Reuben takes a quick snap as we ride along

A quick selfie on the Rhine

The longest covered bridge on the Rhine

And an ice-cream next to the Rhine in the 35 degree heat.

A spectacular blue dragonfly on the Rhine