Monday, 24 June 2013

Day 24 - To Roma

We had our last breakfast on the boat, waffles, bircher muesli and a pastries, appalling. We assembled the bikes and caught a train to Rome, crowded and our bikes were in the way, didn't help that we couldn't understand a word of what anyone could say. We weaved our way through the cobble stone streets, double parked cars everywhere, tourists everywhere! We found our hotel and dumped our heavy bags, full of the six bottles of wine bought during our winery visit in Sardinia. Reuben was keen to see some crypts so we headed to the Capuchin crypts, just around the corner under the church of Santa Maria. Skeletal remains of 4000 bodies nailed to the walls in intricate patterns, not Anne-Marie's cup of tea (heheheheheh). We ended the evening with an interesting tour of the Colosseum, mmmmm Gladiators.

Outside Vatican City. Observe high-vis helmet, Reuben stands out like crazy in a city where no one even wears a helmet and is too stylish apparently for safety gear at all.

Inside the Colosseum.

In front of the Alter of the Fatherland.

Bony Capuchin Crypts.