Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Day 53 (23/7) - Kebab power and a ferry

Anticipating another 36 degree scorcher we set off without breakfast at ten to seven making the most of the cool, still, low traffic morning. We made great progress up the Swiss side of the river until Anne-Marie's Kebab power ran out after 63km and a stop was required. Reuben convinced her to continue the last 3km to Rheinfall, the largest waterfall by volume in Europe. Lunch at Schlossli Worthan amazing restaurant in the middle of the river right in front of the falls was an awesome experience. After lunch we caught the ferry upriver the rest of the way to Konstanz, drinking local beer and avoiding the final 45km in 35 degree heat.
Anne-Marie next to rows of different types of lettuce

The view of Rhinefall and the Restaurant

Anne-Marie samples the wine
Our ferry looks like the Bay in the day ferry there are so many bikes

All along the river the locals use it like Australian's do a beach. Thousands of people swimming and sunbathing

Nearly to Konstanz, all the bikes have moved or got off.