Thursday, 20 June 2013

Day 20 - Ibiza

We arrived in Ibiza with stupid high expectations (thanks Simon ;-), the city was beautiful and prices seemed a lot more reasonable than we had been lead to expect. Our day consisted of walking through the markets and enjoying the Spanish cuisine. We headed back to the Serena for a wee sleep and to print our tickets for Space nightclub. A bottle of wine and Spanish Fusion for dinner with some lovely bacon before we headed off to the club. Pretty empty at 11pm but we had to be ready to leave by 4am as the last bus to the ship left at 4:45.

Over all Space was a little disappointing, It just seemed like a regular club with expensive drinks (8 euro for 330ml of water for example) and the music was just good but nothing amazing. Still feeling pretty good we ran into a cool English couple around 1:30 and they gave us free entry to another club, Privilege. We hopped a bus towards Privilege but through excellent happenstance ended up by 2am in another club Amnesia listening to an old favorite Eddie Halliwell. It went off in the best possible way.

Amnesia was absolutely amazing, the sound lights and atmosphere where incredible. We danced our arses off till 4:30 and tore ourselves away with much regret to make the last bus. Back on the ship and still very high from the whole experience we pulled deckchairs out on the deserted deck and shared a beautiful sunrise over the Ibiza harbor as the ship pulled out of port. An unforgettable night and definite highlight of the trip so far.

Although terribly short and terrible videography hopefully this captures a tiny ounce of Amnesia :-(

Reuben in Space looking all paisley

All smiles.

Back aboard the Ship at dawn

More smiles to make the sunrise prettier.

The view of Ibiza after we left port.