Friday, 26 July 2013

Day 56 (26/7) - Tomorrowland Day 1 (Festival 3)

The bus (soon to be nemesis) picked is up at a cheerful 12 midday and dropped is safely at the main entrance of Tomorrowland to pick up our missing tickets. Two hours of standing in the sun with close to a thousand other sweaty frustrated wannabe festival goers and we where in.
Huge, just huge, we spent around six hours exploring stages, admiring sets and making friends. Everything and everyone was beautiful. We had lunch at Maison Bru a restaurant run by a famous chef from Brussels that overlooks the main stage.
Two guys from Brussels Uri and Uric provided boundless entertainment as the skies opened around nine pm. We staggered to the bus (about an hours walk)  by the required midnight cut off to get back to our hotel. Sunburnt, drunk and already exhausted we crashed.

Anne-Marie relaxes while Reuben organises a chauffeur to pick up our lost tickets.

Anne-Marie at the Carl Cox arena, what a lady

Anne-Marie at the B2B stage, mushrooms and light everywhere

The view of the main stage from Maison Bru, Festilicious!

A close up of the crowd. It's a plague of Aussies, No seriously there where thousands of us. By the end of the festival I was saying I was a Kiwi to avoid people going "Not another one". The cook islanders threw a lot of people as well with their flag.

After the rain Reuben with his new friends Uri and Uric crazy awesome guys

One last dance before heading home at the little Radio Modern stage out on the water. Too much fun was had today.