Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Day 60 (30/7) - Back on the bike in France

We said goodbye to Basel and Switzerland for the last (fifth) time as we continued our journey, somewhat along the Rhine. Following our book it suggested a much more pleasant ride following canal tow paths instead of the river proper and east a bit through the Alsace region of France. All we knew of Alsace was they make wine (and that awesome pizza thing) so we were happy to go with that plan. Although a pleasant ride we didn't see one grape, as you can imagine the disappointment was quite severe. There was lots of fields of corn and wheat and some war memorials. We did stop at a pretty amazing fortified town along the way to be touristy and then do some washing and get tips on were to go to dinner and after 70 kms we ended up at the town of Biesham for the night. Reuben starting to feel a little unwell after the exertions of the last week, too much alcohol, rich food and, well, partying really.

I hurt here... and here, here, here and here.

These bike paths are amazing

They like to be called Canard!

GPS saves us hours if not our lives

Those bags even look heavy even from here. Note to self don't buy wine, DON'T BUY WINE.

It doesn't look like the cheese.

That's a serious iced treat.