Friday, 28 June 2013

Day 28 - To Switzerland/France/Germany

Awoke to our first rainy day in two weeks, the alleys of Venice are damp and slick. We saddled our trusty steads and made for the mainland by the one perilous bridge. An awesome local lady from Mestre, Daniella with her two lovely children very kindly escorted us almost all the way to the airport on their bicycles as they where "going that way". Daniella is a bicycle advocate and activist in Mestre and proved a wonderful guide taking us via the picturesque rural back roads, avoiding the crazy Italian traffic.

After the regular bike deconstruction and reconstruction we arrived in the Euro airport that services all three countries, after few minutes on the French roads we realised how glad we where to be out of Italy, signposts, bike paths, and traffic lights (even baby ones for cyclists). Reuben's bike may be a little borked from the baggage chuckers :-( and Anne-Marie may have finally passed on her cold. We will find out tomorrow.

Discovered how much of a language barrier France is going to be when Reuben ordered a second pizza by accident when saying he enjoyed the first. Have to try and forget all those Italian greetings, numbers and pleasantries we picked up over the last three weeks.