Saturday, 27 July 2013

Day 57 (27/7) - Tomorrowland Day 2 (Festival 3)

We roused ourselves at a healthy 10am in time to get dressed, have some breakfast and make the midday bus back to Tomorrowland. Feeling a little exhausted we pulled out our waterproof picnic blanket and sat on the grassy hill in front of the main stage and chilled, trying to recover from the previous day.We realised we where the only people out of 180000 that had thought to bring a picnic blanket. Hmm maybe we are getting old.

A delicious steak at the steakhouse at 4pm roused us with, if it's even possible, a better view than Maison Bru. Then back to the party with a wild and unmatched vengeance. We met up with Uri and Uric again and rocked on till 12.

So impressed by the sets, sound and organisation. So many stages all very different and unique; some built over the water, some up high and some hidden partially underground. Even though it had poured the previous night it wasn't muddy as they had managed to cover most of the ground in planks and plastic tiles. It was awesome to just enjoy the festival and not have to worry about missing a DJ or queuing for toilets and drinks for hours.

Having to tear ourselves away from the last act an hour early was hard but the bus and exhaustion called. An hour and twenty minute walk only to have to wait forty five minutes for our driver to leave, whence he quickly became lost and our thirty five minute drive home stretched on to four thirty am. Agggghhhh. It was still an unbelievable day.

Anne-Marie under the bubbles
A couple of the awesome characters that help make Tomorrowland what it is

Our seats at the steak house, Cheers

Reuben has to work on his outfits obviously

Some Luxembourgers we befriended

Uric and Uri in better shape than last night


Uri is tall

Uric earns a hug

Just horsing around

It rained again

Such a cool crowd

Anne-Marie photobombs a Swiss couple

The Tomorrowland fairies where something to behold

The end of the night was a bit like this, loud, bright and a bit shaky.