Saturday, 29 June 2013

Day 29 - Collecting the "whale"

We woke to a rainy morning, left our bags at the hotel and rode the 20 kms to collect the camper van in Germany. Anne-Marie was keen to follow the river Rhine along the German/Swiss border but soon we were soaked and covered in mud, so the romantic interlude Anne-Marie was hoping for turned into more of a cold mud bath. We arrived to collect the van surprised to see how big and daunting it looked. Once again the language barrier hindered us when we were shown how to use the car, lots of pointing and nodding. We crossed our fingers and hoped together we would understand enough to get us through. Anne-Marie was too terrified to drive the "whale" so Reuben jerkily crawled our way back to collect our bags. We managed to find an abandoned factory to hide the van behind for the night. Reuben slept like a baby but Anne-Marie's guilty conscious kept her awake, worried the French police were going to burst in at any time.