Saturday, 10 August 2013

Day 71 (10/8) - Loveland, Hardcore porn and second hand smoke. (Festival 5)

You'd be forgiven for thinking we would be over festivals by now, but they are all different. They all have their own style and atmosphere. Loveland was no exception. Where Tomorrowland is your international big budget blockbuster movie, Nature One is an intense gritty Sci Fi, and loveland is a laid back romantic comedy.

Although Reuben felt quite at home being on the younger side of the audience at a dance music festival for a change (not something he ever expected to see again), it was not quite our normal cup of tea with it's relaxed house style.

Not to say we didn't enjoy the festival with it's free party boat, face painting, origami classes and speech bubble making tent but its numerous bean bag chair areas should have been an early warning.

There was a decent set by Felix da House Cat and then Fedde Le Grand, but we realised at 9pm, when we were considering going back for seconds to sit in the Tee Pee and listen to the Dutch School Madame (with horn rimmed glasses and a tight blonde bun no less) read hard core porn in Dutch, that perhaps it was time to cut our losses and cycle our second hand dope smoking selves back to our fancy futuristic hotel.

Festival parking done right

Banana (phone) for a dollar? I'll take 2

A is for Anne-Marie

And then he Vijixsckled his Mkjrstblickjested in Veronica's Klijmingfalderholdenkaj

I'm on a bean bag, on a boat

Dancin girls, not sure what they where selling

Some music and fun was had

The prettiest of the 8 stages as Fedde pumps out a good set