Saturday, 17 August 2013

Day 78 (17/8) - Paris (Anne-Marie's G rated version)

Trying to be positive about Paris, Reuben organised a bike tour for the morning. Keen to take his own bike Anne-Marie convinced him to leave it behind and get into the spirit, ride a squeaky, dodgy tour company bike like the others. Our guide Pascale was wonderful, half British she guided us and another 6 people around the streets  a lovely city with so much history Anne-Marie was so glad she came and Reuben was coming around. The streets were quiet, Pascale explained so many people had left for the holidays, lots of shops were closed but it was still the quietest she had ever seen "It's like a SciFi movie, everyone's missing" she exclaimed. We passed armed soldiers at every major tourist attraction, apparently due to the war in Mali. 

After the tour we headed back to collect our bikes. The saddest part of our journey... Reuben's bike was gone, the chain cut through. After 6 years with 'The Beast', riding it to work everyday, it was not only a huge 
inconvenience and cost but a very sad ending. With ticket inspectors, military police and gendarmerie everywhere on the streets we were surprised it had happened in Paris and not Rome or Spain. Reuben's mother amongst others had warned us that the french where a bunch of thieves. After a few hours at the police station we were not going to let it ruin our holiday. Reuben got on a dodgy city hire bike and we rode around, visited the tallest building in Paris proper for a lookout, rode under the Eiffel tower and enjoyed a somber dinner with lots of wine, (not French!).

Cruise the capital on a tour bike

Riding under the most expensive apartments in France. Still looked like a bit of a dump

In a hidden garden

A lot of Paris looks like this, it's the law apparently.

Cruising with our tour group

Notre Dame in the background

An entrance to the louvre

A view of Paris better than from the Eiffel tower (because you can see it)

Ride the louvre

Cycled under the tower on a hire bike