Thursday, 15 August 2013

Day 76 (15/8) - In Bruges and not one coked up racist Dwarf

After riding around and exploring Bruges we did some lame tourist activities, a fry museum and a chocolate museum, a bit of a waste of time really. We visited a Picasso exhibition and then meandered through the streets with the other thousand tourists looking at the hundreds of chocolate, lace, beer and nic-nac shops. Bruges is a lovely place but at this time of year it is completely overrun with tourists. For dinner we delved into the world of Michelin hats again, enjoying another degustation menu with matching wines at a one star Michelin restaurant, very comparable to many of the good restaurants in Melbourne. Riding back to our hotel we saw swans on the canal in the moonlight, just like in the movie "in Bruges"; unlike the black swans of Melbourne's Albert Park lake they weren't trying to attack us!


Reuben uses a convenient convenience, very space age
A fuzzy snap of the canals at sunset, stay still when I'm taking your photo swan

One of Picaso's bulls