Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Day 46 (16/7) - A relentless monster

Reuben and the boys were up early to climb the Col Du Galibier a relentless monster of a mountain, 48 kilometers up hill gradually getting steeper and steeper until it tops out at a wicked 10 to 14% for the last 2 kilometers. To top it off a flat tyre at 4km to go and no way to repair saw Reuben doing the last 4km very very slowly on his bumpy flat back tyre. That will teach him to over inflate his tyre at 750m above sea level and then ride to 2600m. The air pressure changes up there. Spectacular views and another climb off the bucket list. The best french pastries so far are discovered in town, much to Reuben's waistline's disgust. Pain Au Raisin to absolutely die for.
Reuben's bike thrown into a snow drift in disgust at having a flat tyre with 4km to go.

Lachlan makes friends with one enormous slug from under our camping table, there was a plague of them

Cyclists overtaking the town of Bour-D'Oisans

The madness up at the top of Alp D'Huez and the riders don't even come through here for 2 days.