Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Day 19+ - All at sea

Wednesday was a sea day, we relaxed on the deck and found a bar hidden away at the front of the boat. It had any two cocktails for 10 euro and the Barman Eddie made them with 5 shots instead of the required 3, we drank a lot that day. Thursday we pulled into Ibiza and Friday spent the day recovering, we didn't even leave the boat to check out the Spanish island of Palma de Mallorca. Saturday was spent in the lovely French city of Marseille, supposedly the culture capital of Europe and Sunday in the Italian city of Savona doing our laundry as it was hard to justify the 60 euro it would cost us on the boat. The food and entertainment was hit and miss on the boat although we did have a lovely waitress for dinner each night that served us free wine. She spoke fluent English but little Italian so was so excited to serve some English speaking cruisers. We shared a diner table with a lovely couple from Slovenia and spent the nights comparing cultures and countries.
The "Beautiful" Italian God themed ship's main atrium.

Although blurry hopefully you can make out the casino theme.

The Luna Lounge, sickening green glass and blue lighting.

Reuben enjoys a glass of champagne under the green tentacle ceiling,

Reuben Hair of the Dog's his way through Palma De Mallorca. Much sunburn was experience today.

As close as we got to Palma De Mallorca.

Marseilles tourist shot.

Italians dancing in the "gorgeous" decor.

The best night on board, helped along fabulously by Richie Abucay the best bar person on the cruise.

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