Monday, 3 June 2013

Day 3 - Train to John O Groats (to the start 30km)

Having issues with the GPS so our 10km ride to the Glasgow train station in 2 hours left us 17 minutes to spare. The roads in Glasgow are appalling need some shocks. One train trip, two people, 14 tickets, these Scotts are crazy. Though we are fond of a train with a booze trolley, Metro trains in Melbourne could learn a thing or two. The train ride was long but beautiful, it seemed to cover half of the Highlands. After 'alighting' the train in Wick we rode the 17 'miles' to John'O Groats, the far North-Eastern point of the mainland. Anne-Marie is still having issues with the accent, she spent half an hour trying to work out what a bunch of heavy metal fans where saying before Reuben pointed out they were speaking Dutch.

Anne-Marie enjoying a cheap and generous coffee beside our reserved bike parking on the Inverness to Wick train.


8 Hours of Scotrail is enough. Almost time to ride at last.

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