Friday, 12 July 2013

Day 42 (12/7) - Grenouille Persilees (Parsley Frogs)

We had one of the better sleeps we have had so far in the belly of the whale (no mean feat with the heat mosquitos and noise) followed by an enjoyable lazy day. While the others went into town we slept in, rode our bikes to a nearby suburb and enjoyed one of the best meals so far, what were we saying about little restaurants on the periphery of cities. We enjoyed fat frogs legs cooked in garlic and parsley with a side of little boiled potatoes, very tasty and lots of them.

With our bellies full we lazed in the afternoon sun, watched the Stage of the tour and Reuben made a friends with Bill a Chinese cycle tourist also following the Tour. After a brief negotiation we agreed to give him a lift 230km to the next stage.

Anne-Marie prepares to enjoy a  local specialty, cheesy ravioli
Reuben prepares to enjoy another local specialty 

That's a pelvis and leg bones.

Trying to get the blog up to date....

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