Thursday, 25 July 2013

Day 55 (25/7) - Let the Tomorrowland global journey begin

Today our tomorrow land journey began. After a relaxing morning wandering central Basel and another three course lunch everything went to plan, bike storage, ticket printing, airport shuttles and arrival at our five star hotel in Brussels. Now if only they can find our festival tickets.

Mmmm dessert

The tommorowland reception desk at the Brussels airport, Chaos

Tomorrowland staff, happy to please

The tomorrowland baggage carousel

Six busses from the Tomorrowland global journey bus service

One of the many interesting characters we are to sure to meet over the next four days

Reuben on to his 4th pair of sunnies for the trip

PS. This hotel may have the fastest internet I have ever enjoyed. May be time to upload some more GoPro movies.

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