Monday, 29 July 2013

Day 59 (29/7) - Back to Switzerland (again)

We were up early for our flight out of Brussels. The shuttle picked us up at 8 am and dropped us off at the airport. We were handed a Tommowland bag with food for the journey home. As we progressed though the airport we saw hundreds of festival goers asleep in corners of the airport, we wondered if they had been there all night or were just as completely shattered as us. Easy-Jet got us safely back to Switzerland, Reuben managing not to snore the entire flight. We found our bikes safely where we left them in the sci-fi bike park and stepped outside, pouring rain, like really, bucketing down. We only had to ride 5 kms to our hotel but by the time we arrived we were saturated and completely hammered and we hit the hay at like six PM.

Roo at the airport trying to have a little sleep without sitting down

Just some of the 'Tomorrowlanders' in the background

Planning the next day with some Flammechueche (Thin crust white cheese pizza, Anne-Marie's favorite specialty in the region)

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