Sunday, 11 August 2013

Day 72 (11/8) - Coffee, Beer and the Old Masters in Amsterdam

For a taste of home headed to Little Collins a very popular Cafe founded by some ex-melbournites trying to bring some of Melbourne's Cafe culture to Amsterdam. Best breakfast in Europe.

Next to the Heineken experience, an impressive big budget affair with a good balance of beer history, beer drinking and beer pulling.  Reuben came away suitably soused and Anne-Marie with a new appreciation of the liquid gold.

Finished of a lovely day checking out some Rembrandts, Monets, and Van Gohs for good measure.

Anne-Marie is brainwashed by a Heineken mind-washing video

Reuben admires the stills in the old Heineken brewery

An animated wall of green bottles, more than 99 (but less than 9000). It was quite impressive.

Concentrate, you only get one shot at this (actually 3 if you stuff them up enough)

Anne-Marie, like a professional

Captain Pants certified and all

Reuben's likes a little Van Goh, he always has

Outside the Rijksmuseum all the stoned locals enjoying the sun (I'm sure they aren't all high)

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