Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Day 74 (13/8) - Wind! Rotterdam to Vlissingen

Leaving the ship we once again attempted to follow the crazy way-point system. and again within five km we were mucking around at roadworks for half an hour to find our way. More frustration as the way-points directed us down horrendous lumpy cobbled loops for no apparent reason, when on review, a perfectly good smooth sealed direct route was available.
On our first ferry just out of Rotterdam proper we met a fabulous Dutch cyclist, who despite more unforeseen roadworks lead us on a nice direct route down most of the way to Zeeland (New Zealand's namesake, no similarity at all, what where they thinking?),  Thank you Dirk.
The painful headwind from yesterday had intensified to a solid thirty five km/h unrelenting barrier to be overcome. We abandoned the waypoint system at about the 75km point and let the dulcet tones of Google's voice navigation system bring us the last 50km to Vlissingen.  Our toughest day so far.

Goodbye ship

Rotterdam has some cool buildings

Canals too

AM and Dyrk
You can see which way the wind is coming from

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