Friday, 16 August 2013

Day 77 (16/8) - to Paris... if we get there

With a few days up our sleeves we had the choice to go to London earlier or visit Paris. Reuben was not so keen on Paris but Anne-Marie convinced him otherwise. Given the terrible head winds of the past few days we were loathed to punish ourselves further and cheated by opting for a train. We made it to the train with minutes to spare, travelling on a Belgium train to Lille  We boarded our second train, a french one, and attempted to get to Paris, ten minutes into the journey and the train encountered problems, 3 hours later we were back on our way. Once again failing public transport making good friends of strangers, we struck up a quick friendship with a young Dutchman from Amsterdam traveling to Paris to study. We finally arrived and were immediately greeted with assault rifle wielding soldiers nonchalantly patrolling the station, quite confronting. We cycled through Friday night rush hour traffic past Moulin Rouge and arrived at our hotel near the Arc De Triumph, air-conditioning broken. We visited the Arc itself, which was bigger and more impressive than we thought, and had a late dinner on the "quiet" streets of Paris Reuben still unhappy to be there.

On the train again

Show us your AR

The Arc

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