Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Day 81 (20/8) - Street art and under-dressed in London

Reuben had organised a street art tour of London, his interest piqued by the Space Invader artwork he had observed during the cycle tour of Paris. Dave of Shoreditch street art tours was a wealth of knowledge on the local street art scene and has been documenting it for years. His three hour tour ended up being four and a half hours stuffed full of a parade of some of the most famous and impressive street art in the world. Anne-Marie was a little overwhelmed by the end but Reuben loved it all.

After the tour it was seven thirty and we were hungry. Dressed in thongs shorts and daggy t-shirts we went looking for somewhere to eat. A nice restaurant caught our eye. Reuben nipped in to see if they had a table free which they did. Out to lock up the bikes and we where happily located at a table in what turned out to be Galvin La Chapelle a Michelin stared restaurant by renown chef brothers Chris and Jeff Galvin. Seven sumptuous dishes and matching wines later and we stumbled out to unlock the bikes. Reuben joking with a chauffeur waiting with his limousine outside that whomever he was waiting for should just cycle home after his meal.

Cycling home we stopped for a couple of shots on some famous bridge in London ;-)

Now Kiss

This one was beautifully bright.

This one is appreciated by the large local Muslim community

This one is just amazing


An enormous hedgehog looks awesome coming round the corner

Reverse graffiti, wash the dirt off to create art

Some impressive sculptures

And can work

A little can pointillism 

Some smut by a little Japanese woman

Some of the most impressive art was little bronze sculptures with environmental messages hidden subtly around the place

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