Friday, 23 August 2013

Day 84 (23/8) - Manchester

It was Anne-Marie's idea to leave London and spend a day in Manchester before heading off to Creamfields, so it was her itinerary today. We headed into the Northern Quarter, then started with coffee and breakfast at a tea house, as you do, probably the least manly espresso in the world. Followed by a visit to the Manchester Craft and Design Center, lots of nice jewelry, paintings and paper craft. But what really caught Reuben's imagination was a collection of stuffed toys, stuffed toys with terrible injuries, spilled guts, gouged eyes, they were awesome, and we met the artist. 

After checking out some other funky shops we trained it to Warrington to escape the rain. Google cycle navigated us to our hotel, the movies to see Elysium, dinner and home in the dark without a hitch.

An espresso and cappuccino

Anne-Marie enjoys it

Absolutely fantastic stuffed toys by an amazing artist Harriet Godden 

More of her gruesome creations

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