Sunday, 16 June 2013

Day 16 - To Pisa

Getting better at ripping down and rebuilding our bikes. Our 500 gram Tardis bike bags finally proving their worth having dragged them all across Britain, stuffed hem with 15m of bubble-wrap for good measure. We landed in Pisa it's hot and confusing. Our hotel obviously in the dodgiest little section of the city, bidet, tower, tourists and pizza.  By complete fluke our one night in Pisa falls on the Night of the Luminara of San Ranieri festival, thousands of candles line the buildings along the river and the streets are full of families and street sellers. It all culminated in a one hour+ story set to fireworks and music all along the river. I swear if you plan for this stuff it is never quite so amazing.

Anne-Marie foregoes the normal holding up the tower tourist shot.

Our first Italian Pizza! In Pisa even.

The candles of the Lumiara of San Ranieri festival outline the buildings, you can just make out the crowds lining the river.
Reuben was disgustingly pleased with himself after taking this shot of the tower.

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  1. Reuben, great (filthy) minds think alike. Remind me to show you my leaning tower photo when we get home!