Monday, 17 June 2013

Day 17 - Boarding the Ship

We said goodbye to Pisa and caught a train to the port of Rome in Civitaveccia to board the "Costa Serena". We partly dismantled the bikes and put them in the bike bags, adamant we were going to carry them on ourselves. We were loath to hand them over to the porters and let them take them on board, no protection in our flimsy bags. Obviously no one had ever done this before and it created much excitement for the Italian security, unable to fit our bikes through scanners etc. anyway, we made it through and boarded the ship, ghastly decor welcomed us. Our rule of no lifts, only stairs, was going to test us, our room on level 2 and the highest floor on level 12.

Being the Costa Concordia sister ship we took the Safety drills REALLY seriously.

Sunset on Anne-Marie at sea.

The first sunset we actually saw in 17 days.

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