Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Day 25 - Cycle the City of Rome

Anne-Marie is hit with a good cold and spends the morning in bed before Reuben drags her out onto the cobblestone streets to dance with the insane Italian traffic.
Sighted today on the streets of Roma:

1. Scooter vs 4wd Accident.
2. Bump parking (reverse till you see the car behind you jump).
3. Wrong way up a one way street (300 streets, 150 sightings).
4. Cars parked across intersections everywhere.
5. Double parking, everywhere.
6. Indicating with the correct blinker, hmmm not even once.
7. Horribly slick cobbled streets with tram tracks, We are glad it's not wet.
8. Respect for us cycling, everywhere. Which was appreciated.

Enjoyed a delicious lunch at Cafe Romano while watching lots of very expensive cars drive up the pedestrian only side streets as if they owned the city. Somewhere around here a police department could make a motza.

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