Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Day 26 - To Venice

Cycling through Roma's insane streets all morning again, confidence at an all time high, everyone may be insane but they look out for you.

An easy choice was presented, 3 hours on the high speed train with dismantled bikes, air conditioning, clean seats and nice passengers or 7 hours on 3 dodgy, smelly, hot slow trains with bikes intact. Twenty five minutes, bikes in bags. Not bad. The high speed train to Venice was eye opening 240kmh, lots of tunnels with air pressure changes and smooth as butter.

Arrived in Venice as instructed by some "good friends" no sooner off the train than informed bluntly, No Cycling, it's illegal. Talk about lead astray. We only had to carry our 40kg bikes over one bridge to get to our hotel.

Our high speed train after delivering us safely to Venice at 240kmh+

Reuben among the crazy Romans on the Train.

Hotel Alle Goooglie LOL.

Anne-Marie shows off Venice with a nice canal shot.

Cheers, Here's to delicious fresh seafood.

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