Thursday, 27 June 2013

Day 27 - Pluriball in Venice

At breakfast we heard a young English couple talking about an awesome Venetian food and wine tour they had done the night before so we got on line to make it happen.

Walked and walked for 19 hours looking for pluriball, saw most of the city and then some. Eventually after many wrong turns including crashing the filming of some amazing period drama with full mascaraed costumes, we found a little hardware store that sold our bubble wrap for protecting our bikes in the plane to Switzerland tomorrow.

In the evening we did our first organised tour of our holiday. Cecilia  took us around the back streets of Venice to tiny cicchetti bars to taste the local wines and cicchetti ("chicketty" basically tapas). It was pretty awesome, although it showed how thick with American tourists Venice actually is.

Anne-Marie is now in love with the place, It had a lovely feel and after the tour she wants to stay.

Enjoying a local Merlot.
Canals by night.

One of the friendlier locals.

Some of the local graffiti is awesome.


  1. Hey Roo n Ree, just caught up on your awesome blog. Sounds like an amazing trip. Keep the updates coming, rocket.

  2. I agree with "Ree", Venice is amazing and you should spend more time there :-) AC