Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Day 67 (6/8) - Giant Bottles, oh my.

Enjoying the early start we said goodbye to Cologne and headed north along the Rhine. We passed through the lovely city of Dusseldorf and then as a complete contrast a terrible city, Duisburg, it showed a sobering look at a side of Germany we hadn't seen so far. We had planned to stop there for the night but it seemed run down and unsafe so we continued. Despite strong head winds it had been overcast all day so we were able to finish the 120kms (via the roundabout route) to Rheinberg. 

While looking for somewhere to eat we stopped by a house with larger than life-size bottles of wine in the drive way. Busted by the owners who came out for a chat and the next thing we knew we were in their back yard doing an impromptu wine tasting of fabulous German vintages from the region. They owned a bottle shop in town and were such a lovely friendly couple, happy to discuss wine and hear about our crazy travels and adventures. One hour later we said goodbye with two bottles of wine in our hands. Normally we would be thrilled but when you're on your bike any weight is a hindrance particularly as we still had 2 left to drink from our trip in Alsace. Oh well, I can hear your hearts bleeding from here.
Note the labels, that may well be what caught Reuben's eye as we peddled past.

Seriously if you are ever in Rhineberg stop by here and enjoy great wine and great company!

Reuben Climbs the Tiger and Turtle 

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