Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Day 68 (7/8) - A wet entrance to Holland

Up early at 4:30am we left the town of Rheinberg and headed for Arnhem in Holland. Aware it was going to rain we crossed our fingers and hoped for the best. From the start we had a terrible head wind and at about half way there just before we crossed the border it started to pour. With 50kms still to go we pushed on; strong winds, pouring rain, 2 ferry crossings and absolute confusion with the signs across the border. We made it despite the weather and complicated signage we were both so impressed. Bike lanes everywhere, bikes everywhere, lots of bars, good food and atmosphere. We like Holland (The Netherlands were the Dutch live (so confusing))!

Holland is a little wet. No wait it's a whole lot wet.

We passed a town called Rees (photo damaged by the rain) and a picture of Roos bicycle, kind of Dali if you ask me.
The Cycle the Rhine book we are following has obtuse instructions like turn right at the pink elephant.
We where correct in assuming he meant the soggy brown mammoth.

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